Solicitors Marketing Success – Critical Component Two!

This might seem odd; we are talking about you going through a process of change to achieve success and I throw the second most important element of the whole process at you which is to fail!

More than this, you must fail fast, very fast.

When you go through any process of change sometimes you will make mistakes, get things slightly or completely wrong, do the wrong thing in the wrong way, or just make fail spectacularly.

What I am telling you is that not only is this perfectly normal, it is actually a vital part of the whole process of transforming your practice into a successful one.

So accept that you are going to fail, make sure you put all of your efforts into failing fast, but then learning from the failure and pushing through it and past it to the next stage, which is a much better stage, and which is known as ‘success’.

It awaits your arrival, so let me share Critical Component Three with you tomorrow so you can start your journey towards it very soon!

If you need help with a question in the meantime, let me know and I will be delighted to help.

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