How Does A Solicitor Get New Clients?

This is a good question isn’t it? It is one that I am so often asked, and seeing as this is what I spend nearly all day, every day working out the answer to this perennial question, I thought it might be a good idea to answer it. So here we go!

1. You Must Have An Automated Marketing System

When I ask a solicitor how many systems they have in place to attract new clients to their practice, they might initially say that they have several. However, practically without exception, I can guarantee that the real answer is that they have no systems in place. Clients may find the solicitor and request their services, but this is not due to a watertight, automated marketing system, more just due to chance.

To be a successful solicitor with a steady and consistent flow of new client instructions you absolutely must have in place automated marketing systems which produce new clients for you with or without your daily input into the process. Unless or until you do this, you will never have enough new clients to provide you with the practice of your dreams.

2. You Must Track Your Results

Once you put in place an automated marketing system, you absolutely have to be able to prove how many clients it delivers to you each month so that you can ensure it is still working profitably for you.

You cannot spend even £10 without knowing how much of a return on investment that is providing for you. I always look for at least a three to five times return, so if you are spending £1,000 a month on pay per click advertising with our friends at Google, I want you to be able to prove that it is generating client fees of £3,000 to £5,000 a month without fail.

There is no treasure without measure, so you absolutely must measure the results of every one of your marketing activities to ensure that they are working hard for you.

3. You Must Make Mistakes (Quickly)

Not every marketing activity that you undertake to win new clients for your solicitors practice will work. In fact, I could go so far as to say that probably only one out of every three will work for you. But this is good news, because now that you know this you can instantly go and set up three new marketing activities, safe in the knowledge that one of them should work very well for you.

Don’t be scared of making marketing mistakes, instead embrace them!

4. Marketing Is Not Like The Law

Marketing is not like providing a legal service, where everything you do has to be spot on/perfect. In fact, when it comes to marketing, one of my favourite sayings is ‘Perfection Kills Momentum’. If you try and ensure each marketing activity is ‘perfect’ before it leaves your desk, nothing will ever happen.

You need to be brave and put out some of your marketing activies when they are not quite perfect so that you can obtain feedback from the results of your activities and then constantly tweak and improve the results.

5. Add More Automated Marketing Systems

Once you have one automated marketing system in place for your solicitors practice, add another, and then another.

The solicitors I mentioned at the beginning of this article who do not yet have any systems in place are often struggling. They have good months and bad months. If you want my advice (based on over 20 years of showing solicitors how to get new clients) the only way from going from a struggling practice to a very successful one is to have at least three, but preferably six, automated marketing systems in place working for you each and every month.

Which Marketing Activities Will Attract The Most Clients?

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