Surviving Jackson Developing a Profitable Personal Injury Practice for the Future With Me, Nick Jervis

Surviving Jackson Personal Injury Marketing Lead Generation

I have been writing my legal marketing book for solicitors for approximately two years now, so when Jeff Zindani asked me to contribute three chapters (two originally, but I got excited and couldn’t stop once I started and he was happy to take all three), I couldn’t refuse. The difference between his book and my legal marketing book is that he had a deadline (one of my favourite marketing sayings being ‘no deadline equals total decline’).

So he asked, I wrote it, many other highly respected people in the legal profession added chapters surrounding their areas of expertise, from Jeff Zindani himself (previous owner of a very successful personal injury firm), Professor Dominic Regan (the only man who ever kept me awake when updating me on personal injury law), Mark Feeney, former CEO of Russell Jones and Walker and Dr Mark Friston, Costs Barrister.

If you operate in the field of personal injury law, Surviving Jackson; Developing a Profitable Personal Injury Practice for the Future, should be a staple on your book shelf. Is it already?

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