Tell Your Legal Website Visitors Exactly What You Want Them To Do!

This is perhaps your best chance to win some more client instructions instantly and again is a very simple change to make.

Right now I can almost promise you that you are making a huge assumption which is probably costing you thousands of pounds in lost fees which would be yours if you stopped doing this on your website.

If you don’t fix this problem, people are going to keep leaving your legal website without taking any action. It is almost akin to you throwing £20 notes out of your office window as time after time a client arrives at your website, thinks that they are going to use your firm but at the last minute leaves your website and uses your nearest competitor instead.

Why are they doing this?

Quite simply, they are doing this because you are failing to tell them exactly what they should do at the end of every page of your website.

In 99 out of every 100 legal websites that I review, this marketing sin is being committed. The client reads all of the content on the legal services page they are interested in and reaches the bottom of the page expecting to be told exactly what they need to do next to progress the matter, and nothing happens. The page just ends; stops dead!

There is nothing there telling them what they should do. They feel a little confused. Do you want the work or not?

In the end, their confusion, whether it be to their conscious or sub conscious mind, leads them to exit your website and to go to a competitor’s website instead.

To fix this, all you need to do is to ensure that at the end of each and every page of your legal services pages you explain exactly what the potenial client should do for his or her next step.

Unless or until you do this potential clients will keep leaving your website before providing you with their instructions. Ouch!

Read each one of your pages and see if you are spelling out exactly what your client should do next, or leaving your potential client hanging at the end of the page like a forgotten child who is waiting for his parents to pick him up at the school gates (yes I still have these emotional scars but that’s another story).

I explained at the beginning of this series of emails that there is plenty more work out there for you, really so very much more work and more instructions waiting for you if you take just a little action.

These email tips I have shared with you are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to generating new instructions from your website. There is so much more that I want to share with you to show how to win new instructions from your website and it is all contained in the four training modules of my Website Lead Generation System Training.

Let me guide you through the whole process of transforming your legal website from an average website, occasionally producing new instructions for you, to one which produces new client instructions regularly and consistently.

Take a moment to think how that will feel. Every day you turn on your computer and there is another new client enquiry about your services which has come in overnight without you lifting a finger. This is what happens for my clients all of the time. This is what happened when I explained exactly what this nice gentleman needed to do to make his website start producing clients for him:

" I had spent a lot of time and money on my website and it simply wasn’t producing the leads that I wanted or expected. I had a one on one consultation with Nick Jervis and his advice changed things literally overnight. The website is now regularly providing me with new leads and new clients."

Nick O’Neill, Lees Solicitors

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