This Drives Your Legal Website Visitors Nuts

Use of jargon both in the naming of your legal services and in the content on your legal website can be a real turn-off to your potential clients.

By way of an example when it comes to the naming of legal services, let me provide you with an example.

Most solicitors providing Probate Services list these services under a navigation item named ‘Wills & Probate’. This makes sense to you doesn’t it?

However, think about it from the clients point of view. Your client is not a lawyer, so he does not know that the same person who writes the Wills also provides the Probate services. Why should he or she know that?

So if you think about your client, when he starts his search online for help with probate(as more and more people looking for solicitors do so these days) he types in the term ‘Probate Solicitor’ into Google. He or she does not, never has and never will type in the search term ‘Wills and Probate Solicitor’, because it would make no sense to do so.

So with that in mind, what should your navigation item be called to help them find the service that they are looking for as quickly as possible?

I know if I was a solicitor I would call it ‘Probate Services’.

Take a look at your website navigation for me now and tell me if it makes sense to your potential clients as much as it does so to you.

If it doesn’t, changing this can have a dramatic impact on the amount of new enquiries that you receive from your website.

I will be back soon with some more advice about how to improve the amount of new clients coming to you from your website soon.

I share a fantastic resource which allows you to pay people to test your website to see if it makes sense to them for a very modest cost (tens of pounds not hundreds) in my Website Lead Generation System – details are in the free guide below.

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