Make It Easier For Your Legal Website Visitors To Find What They Are Looking For!

The next opportunity to instantly attract more clients is to make it really easy for your clients to find what they are looking for. Take a look at your website at the moment, particularly the navigation for your legal services, and ask yourself if it is logical to a client, or logical only to a solicitor within your practice.

The biggest problem when it comes to navigation is usually twofold:

  • The website navigation is not listed alphabetically but usually in the order of the importance of each service to the law firm (remember everything has to be all about your clients);
  • The navigation has grown so much since you created it that it makes no sense to the visitor.

I so frequently see navigation listed in the order of importance to the firm, so Personal Injury services might be first, then Employment, then Wills & Probate (more on that in the next email).

This means absolutely nothing to your client. The only logical order for a client to follow and to expect is alphabetical. We are all trained from a very early age that the alphabetical order is the usual order to use unless there is good reason not to do so.

The other point is to make sure that you have not created an enormous list of navigation items which are no longer relevant. A good website will always grow so it is understandable that the navigation can become unwieldy, so all you need to do is run your eye over your navigation to make sure this has not happened, and if it has, to fix it quickly.

Spending time fixing your navigation so that it allows your website visitor to get to exactly where they need to be as quickly as possible is a great use of your time.

If you would like more detailed advice about how to fix your website download the free guide below.

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