Make Your Legal Website All About Your Clients

This is by far the most important change that you can make to your website to ensure that it is so very much more effective at generating new client instructions for you. It is also the one that can make the most difference; instantly!

If your website talks more about your firm and ‘we/us’ than it does ‘you/the client’ you are missing a major opportunity to win new instructions.

At the time that a potential client lands on your website the ONLY thing that matters to them is their current problem or challenge . They want to see that you understand how they are feeling and that you have the necessary experience to supply the help that they need.

So if your website talks about your firm more than the client, and mentions that you were ‘formed in 1832’ as the opening line on your home page, just after the word WELCOME in bold, you really do have some problems.

The great news is that if you spend just a small amount of time fixing these problems, your website will instantly generate more enquiries for you.

So if you supply family legal services, you need to start by explaining how you understand that your visitor may well be in pain or in a position of uncertainty, and that you have helped many other people just like them to move on from that position.

If you provide conveyancing services, you need to stress how you will move heaven and earth to secure the purchase of your client’s dream home, or first home, because this is what you do for all of your clients.

And if you provide business legal services, you need to explain that your service is so efficient for business clients leaving them free to concentrate on running their business and increasing their bottom line.

You see people aren’t just looking for a solicitor, they are looking for the ‘right solicitor for them’. Show that you understand their position and you will find that you generate a lot more enquiries from your website than you are currently doing so, and that is all without spending a penny more!

I will share another simple change to your website that can work wonders with you soon, although if you want to spead things along, download my guide below:

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