We have never once regretted having Nick as our marketing consultant. He is just brilliant at thinking out of the box and making us do the same. We decided very early on that we just had to trust him because we are lawyers and not so good at selling things!

Nick is enthusiastic and extremely pro active which is infectious and makes us want to excel at attracting the clients we really want.

He is now an integral and indispensable part of our team.

Julie Glynn, Partner, Glynns Solicitors.

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About Nick Jervis / Samson Consulting

Nick Jervis, Non Practising Solicitor and Director of Samson Consulting Limited.

Nick is a solicitor (non practising) and worked in private practice for 14 years before setting up his law firm marketing consultancy in 2003.

Nick has worked with firms from sole practitioners to multi million pound turnover businesses. All have one thing in common; a desire to grow their practice through proven, practical marketing initiatives.

Nick's Back Story - In His Own Words

I have been providing solicitors with marketing ideas since I established my marketing consultancy for solicitors in 2003, this after a 14 year legal career. I practiced in a High Street law firm for the first eight years of my legal career whilst also undertaking my Legal Executive qualifications. From year two in private practice I decided to specialise in personal injury claims. However, because the firm I worked for did not have enough work of this type to keep me busy, they asked me to come up with my own marketing ideas to generate my case load. I jumped at the chance, always having been a fan of marketing, and within a few months I had generated my own personal injury case load. My marketing ideas proved so successful that I then recruited a trainee legal executive to work under me and I provided her with her caseload too from my own marketing ideas and initiatives.

Next, I was asked to take over the marketing for the entire firm, covering the broad spectrum of legal services, from family law to moving home, commercial leases to partnership disputes. I quickly realised that not only did I seem to have the knack for marketing, I was enjoying it far more than the legal work I was undertaking. However, I was only in year three of an eight year period of qualifying as a solicitor.

From time to time I would ask a marketing consultant to come and visit me to see if they could provide me with any new marketing ideas. Sadly, this rarely provided me with any new ideas but it did convince me that I must set up my own lawyer marketing consultancy for solicitors in the future as these consultants added nothing to the process (but did produce a hefty dent in the firm’s cheque book).

The firm and my department went from strength to strength on the back of my marketing ideas. When I qualified as a solicitor in 1999 we decided to move west to Bristol from Reading as we had a young family and wanted to be closer to grandparents. After two and a half years with a much larger firm (not for me in terms of client service offering but an excellent exercise in increasing my profile within the legal profession – giving nationwide talks and writing a book about Claims Against Uninsured Drivers (still available on Amazon), then one year with a niche practice in a business development role, I established my consultancy to offer marketing help to lawyers.

Working With Nick

On a consultancy basis Nick tends to work best with law firms that have a small core decision making unit and who are keen to make changes that will improve their business very quickly. This does not mean they are small firms necessarily, just that they have a small team capable of making decisions quickly so that they can achieve great results when they follow my advice.

Try Before You Buy?

The best way to discover whether you think my advice could help your practice is to try it first; for free. You can download my free guide for solicitors "8 Ways To Instantly Attract New Clients!". The guide covers the following vital matters for you:

  • the fatal mistakes most solicitors make with their advertising along with a formula to use to correct them;
  • how to finally find out what is working for you so you can do more of what works and stop doing what is not working;
  • the best form of marketing for solicitors (and you will be pleased to hear it does not involve spending thousands of pounds);
  • how to make more of your free advertising space (your premises);
  • Website marketing - what you are missing and how can you improve;
  • creating your army of salesmen for your services; and
  • the one tip that could instantly increase your profits with NO COST whatsoever

Download it now by completing your details below.
Nick Jervis, Solicitor (non-practising).

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

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