Solicitors. Are Your Fee Earners Fully Occupied?

For the end of my daughter's 18th birthday week of celebrations we went to Center Parcs; the newest one at Woburn. It was impressive. I was intrigued about the model, so did a bit of Googling and found the business report from 2014. They had 97.7% occupancy across all of their 4 parks (Woburn wasn't … Read more

Why Most Solicitors Fail To Grow Their Law Firms

I am not sure exactly when it hit me, but I am glad it did. I kept coming up with more and more law firm marketing ideas for my client, but each month the progress I expected and hoped to see for their law firm was not happening. Had I not given the correct advice? … Read more

Legal Cv’s And The Legal Recruitment Process

As a former solicitor, I know a thing or two about legal cv’s, especially as I am now a legal marketing consultant. So it was interesting talking with one of my clients a couple of days ago about the legal recruitment process. She is looking for a solicitor for her clinical negligence department. The firm … Read more