Should You Display The Price Of Your Legal Services On Your Law Firm Website?

This is a common question and one that can cause much confusion. Should you display the prices of your legal services on your website, or should you deliberately avoid doing this and only discuss the prices for your services once you speak on the telephone?

Would you like the answer immediately, or to be made to wait for it? Well seeing as you spoke so nicely to your computer screen then, here is is:

Do not display your legal services prices on your website!

Why? Displaying your prices simply allows your prospects to use your prices as a benchmark before moving on to call another law firm to find out their prices.

A major supplier of UK Legal conveyancing services discovered that when they put an instant price calculator on their website the enquiries literally dried up overnight. Needless to say they removed it, and instantly the telephone started ringing again!

Whilst it might have been a nice gadget, it failed to bring in the new clients and you must remember that the only purpose of your website is to find you leads and get those leads to the point that they are ready to engage with you.

If your prices are displayed and easy to find on your website, unless you are the cheapest firm in the UK (and that is not a strategy I advise you to follow when new national competitors are entering all of the time) you will lose potential clients.

There needs to be plenty of information on your website about each area of law that you are looking to attract work for, enough so that you prove your expertise and convince a visitor that you are the best firm to handle their transaction, but you do not want to give them everything.

The last part of receiving an instruction from a potential client must come from one on one interaction with them, either face to face or over the telephone. Present all of your prices on your website and you will be a very useful tool for your prospects in gauging other solicitors’ prices, but you will receive no instructions for your own law firm!

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