Legal Cv’s And The Legal Recruitment Process

As a former solicitor, I know a thing or two about legal cv’s, especially as I am now a legal marketing consultant. So it was interesting talking with one of my clients a couple of days ago about the legal recruitment process.

She is looking for a solicitor for her clinical negligence department. The firm is based near to Bristol and Bath, and we were discussing how to find and attract good candidates to apply for this new clinical negligence job.

Now of course there are two competing interests when it comes to the legal recruitment process. There is the candidate, the potential employee, who is really keen to find a new job.

Then there is the firm of solicitors who want to find a good solicitor but who do not necessarily want to pay a recruitment company a princely sum for simply drafting a professional legal cv and sending it over by email. At around 20 – 30% of the first year’s salary of the candidate, most solicitors find this a cost too steep to bear.

Yet the candidate, because they know no other way, mistakenly believes that the best way to get a new job is to send their legal cv to a recruitment company and sit back and wait.

But if you look back at the last two paragraphs, can you see the gap?

Good firms looking for new solicitors but not prepared to use a legal recruitment agency, and good solicitors looking for new legal jobs but not approaching these firms, simply expecting the recruitment agency to do the work. But the recruitment agency cannot get to the good solicitors, they won’t talk to them.

If you have a legal cv, you are in the process of drafting your professional legal cv, or you are already registered with a legal recruitment company, and you want a new job sooner rather than later, I can help you.

Simply email me and I will tell you how you can get to the legal jobs that many of your competitors are simply not being presented with. You don’t have to wait. You can go out and claim your new legal job right now, you just need to know what to do.

Email me on and let the Solicitor (non-practising) who was offered a job every time he went for an interview, and who never used a legal recruitment company to find his next job, can help you too. By the way – that’s me :).

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