The Middle – Cut Loose Your Legal Marketing!

My children recently started watching an American family sitcom called The Middle which has now turned into a family favourite. It is about a normal family coping with their three ‘normal’ children growing up. They have a son of around 17, a daughter of 13 and a geeky child who only reads books of about 8. The father (who is very tall – not relevant but I have to keep saying aloud how tall he is, much to the annoyance of Emma, Megan and Samuel) was talking to his wife about the 17 year old son who had gone off the rails again when he came up with a fantastic line “Why don’t we just call that one a right off and focus all of our efforts on the other two”? What a great idea, cut loose the uncontrollable wayward son and focus on the two children that they had a chance of saving. I am still laughing now as I type this.

Of course it just could not happen when it comes to children (could it?) but it must sometimes happen when it comes to your marketing activities. You see, all marketing activities need a good chance of working. If they are not working immediately, you should make some changes. Change the headline, change the offer, change the call to action or the deadline and then test and measure the results (no treasure without measure). However, if you have tried everything and the method of legal marketing is not working, you must do as the giant father said in The Middle: Cut it loose. Stop it. Focus all of your time, effort and energy on your other marketing activities to make sure that they are working harder than ever for you. Do that and from time to time introduce new marketing initiatives and you will be just fine.

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