Easy Ways For Solicitors To Attract New Clients

It really is so easy being a solicitor if you want to attract new clients to your law firm.

For this reason:

You provide a service that someone needs (usually fairly instantly – the important part).

Someone needs that service.

They go online and type in the type of legal service they need followed by the word solicitor and their local town or city name. For example, ‘Partnership Agreement Solicitor Taunton’.

They find a choice of solicitors presented to them on the first page of Google.

They review the websites and find one with lots of excellent feedback from people who have used their service for Partnership Agreements and other similar commercial legal services.

They contact this firm, and following a great first telephone call with the owner they arrange a meeting to start the process of drafting the Partnership Agreement.

See how easy that was to find a new client.

The most important part?

You didn’t even have to leave your desk.

This process works for every single type of legal service, commercial or personal.

The client can find you through your excellent blog posts (the slower solution) or through Google Adwords (the instant solution).

It doesn’t matter which way they find you. They both work equally as well.

It just matters that they find you.

It really is that easy.

You can convince yourself otherwise if you want to make life a little more challenging for yourself than it needs to be, that is your choice… But it’s not the truth.

If you need extra help making your website work harder for you, here are some easy options for you:

Please call 0117 290 8555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, Email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.

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What My
Clients Say

Dear Nick,

Before I joined Marketing4Solicitors I had concerns because of people I have hired in the past (at some expense) for marketing advice whose advice and material I found ineffective. I was also concerned that by subscribing there would then be pressure to purchase other services and material and without spending additional money the M4S membership would not be that useful.

I honestly think joining M4S has been the best thing I’ve done in terms of investment in marketing. I find all of your material very thought provoking. You provide us with templates and very specific tips but in addition if someone fully absorbs what you have to say then it changes the way we think about our practice specifically and marketing generally. I found your recommendation of Michael Gerber, whose books I’ve since read, particularly instructive and any solicitor (or any business person) would gain a lot from his books about how to organise a business.

The biggest benefits of membership of Marketing4Solicitors are:

The information provided is very focused and very well explained – its practical and can be put into practice by any solicitor immediately;

The interaction between you and your members is very good and I like the way I can contact you with questions;

I find that your regular blogs and updates keep me motivated; and

What you present us with gives us all we need to put together a complete marketing strategy, rather than just get a couple of techniques for increasing business.

It is impossible to quantify the likely return on investment because I don’t think there’s any limit to the extra income which can be produced from a strategy inspired by your recommendations. I’ll be disappointed not to have doubled my turnover in the next twelve months.

Especially with your recommendations on writing (client guides, articles, blogs etc) there’s no limit to the depth of what you can do to market and improve your practice. It’s something that will grow organically (and at little expense) over time. I particularly like the way that your strategies are not based on ‘selling’ as such but by lead generation and ‘serving’ prospective and current clients.

Regards, Simon

Simon Newman

N A Commercial Solicitors

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