Marketing Solicitors – Who Is In Charge?

Normally in smaller law firms there is one partner with overall responsibility for marketing. However, whilst this partner is in theory given the responsibility for marketing the law firm, he or she is rarely provided with all of the tools and support needed to make the most impact. A few small changes to your current arrangements can make a substantial difference to the impact they can make.

1. Delegation and Trust Are The Keys

You are in partnership with other partners to make your lives easier. There are advantages in being in partnership, not only in terms of shared responsibility, liability and overheads but in having a more diverse range of skills on offer.

2. Who Is Responsible For Marketing?

Normally one partner in smaller firms is in theory provided with overall responsibility for marketing. The decision is often made on the basis that that person has the best understanding or most interest in the subject, but often the responsibility is notional only and the partner is required to report back to all of the other partners before making any major decisions. Often on reporting back the partner with marketing responsibility will find that each partner has a different opinion on marketing and quite frequently progress is either slowed dramatically, or worse still often completely prevented.

By way of an example this is particularly noticeable on design matters. If working on a logo design solicitors will admit initially to having no expertise on the subject matter. However, put a logo design in front of a few partners and suddenly they all have their own opinion and expertise. This is only natural and is not necessarily wrong, but if one partner is provided with the final say, and takes advice from his design company, then a sound decision based on advice from experts in their field (ie my company or another design company) will lead to a sound choice. The other option is to allow all partners to have their say and for a decision never to be made. If you have agreed that a new logo is required in the first place, valuable time is lost in bringing your brand up to date.

3. Give Your Partner the Power to Make Decisions!

If you have a marketing partner, let him or her have responsibility to act on advice from your advisers. Judge him or her on the results achieved once action has taken place and a few months on. What is the worst that can happen?

What Should You Spend Your Valuable Marketing Time Doing

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