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You are experts in your chosen field of law, yet how often do you communicate this expertise to your potential clients? Last month I discussed the power of the client newsletter, now I would like you to consider another very powerful marketing tool for your practice.


I touched on these last month, but they need some special attention. If carried out well they will generate new business for you.

1. Why Do They Work?

Each time you target a new client, you are ultimately selling your skills to them. What better way is there to do this than to run a seminar demonstrating your particular expertise in a certain aspect of the law?

I often provide talks on marketing at conferences because, as I said last month, I promote my business exactly as you should promote yours, through education and proof of expertise.

2. Who Should I Target?

You can provide a seminar to a number of different groups, all of which will in time lead to new business. These include:

  • Your own client database (keep your clients loyal to you before others attempt to entice them away from you).
  • Clients of professional referrers (eg IFA’s, Accountants etc). This not only allows you to promote yourself but also is a benefit to your professional referrer and keeps your relationship in balance if they are supporting your business.
  • Conferences – for instance Human Resources conferences for employment law, Estate Agents or Surveyor conferences for Conveyancing

3. Content

Once you have decided to run a seminar, the next most important point is to ensure you do it well. As a solicitor, how many times have you listened to a barrister reciting the deepest sections of an Act and drifted off to sleep or made an excuse to leave? You must make the seminar interesting and relevant to your target audience. Here are my top tips to ensure you do well:

  • Talk in a language your audience can understand. Do not try and baffle your audience with legal terminology. You will prove your expertise far more by communicating in easy to understand language than you ever will by confusing them with legislation.
  • Keep it short and in bullet sized chunks.
  • Do not overuse powerpoint. Contrary to what every conference speaker seems to think these days, powerpoint is not compulsory. Your job is to make your seminar interesting without whizzing noises and whistles.
  • Involve your audience. Even if for only a short period of time you should try and obtain some interactivity from your audience, if only for a show of hands.

I hope I have convinced you that it is important for you to include seminars as a part of your marketing mix. So put a date in your diary for September to run your next seminar – what’s it going to be on? A month in the life of Home Information Packs if this happens? Make it happen and watch your business grow!

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