Your Law Firm Marketing Budget – £20,000 A Month?

Spend £20,000 a month on marketing.

Solicitors often ask me how much they should spend on their marketing.

I don’t know. If I was travelling to Scotland and asked for directions in Australia I expect someone would say to me that I shouldn’t be starting my journey from there.

Don’t ask that question from where you are either.

It’s a dumb question. It really is.

It is actually a back to front question which shows that you are thinking small.


If you are thinking about how much you should spend you must be thinking small. If you were thinking big you would be asking how much can I spend? If you were asking that question, you would be working from front to back, not back to front.

This shows that you are thinking about how much extra income or profit you are going to make, rather than how much you will have to spend to get it.

You may well be reading this and thinking, well you’re a marketing man, so you would say that.

Thinking small again.

If you want to be like every other law firm out there, just getting by and doing ok, carry on. You are on the right path.

However, if you want to be like one of my clients, thinking big, thinking front to back and creating a hugely profitable and successful law firm, then we really should talk.

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