Understanding Google Analytics For A Law Firm

If you now know your number (you do, don’t you), then you will now know how many people are finding your website every month. Let’s have a look at what this means by looking at my Google Analytics numbers:     Users: 1,195. This is the total number of people visiting your site in one … Read more

Law Firm Marketing Optimisation For New Clients

Matthew Pinsent, 4 time Olympic Gold Medal winner, was in the final of Celebrity Masterchef when he was asked how he was coping with the pressure. “Process over product” he answered. A sports psychologist trained him and his team to focus on the process of rowing to win a race, rather than winning the race … Read more

How To Improve Google Ads Landing Pages For Solicitors

I said last week that improving your Google Ads website landing pages is one of the first things to do to generate more client enquiries. However, this also applies even if you do not run Google Ads. If you spend time improving the pages where most of your visitors arrive on your website (Google Analytics/Search … Read more

Optimising Your Google Ads Bid Strategy For Mobile Visitors

This video shows you how to check that your law firm website is mobile responsive (which is absolutely critical), then why linking your telephone number so that it can be clicked to call you is so important and finishes by showing you how to ensure that you maximise the amount of traffic coming to your … Read more

Solicitors And Google Analytics – What You Need To Know

There are certain things that solicitors should be looking at every month inside Google Analytics. I thought everyone knew this, but I was reminded the other day that this was not the case. I was with a group of smart business owners, or at least I thought they were smart. It turned out that none … Read more