Getting Unstuck With Your Marketing And The Two Different Types Of Solicitors.

There are two very different types of people who say the same thing when they become stuck.

They will both say “I know that something needs to change for me to find more new clients but I don’t know what!”

The first type of person will commit to finding out exactly what he or she needs to do become unstuck. They will attend seminars, speak to business contacts, read blogs, books and articles on the topic of marketing a law firm, attend webinars and generally devour all material that they can to find out where they are going wrong and exactly what they need to do to fix it.

These people will find the answers that they are looking for, with or without help from an external source*.

The second type of person asks exactly the same question as the first, but instead of then taking action, he or she sits and waits for something to happen, but it never does.

They often believe that they are clever, never having spent a penny on marketing books or advice. They think they are saving themselves money and laugh at any other firm who takes positive action to improve their position.

Sadly I know from experience of talking to hundreds, if not thousands of solicitors, every year that there are more people in this latter category than the former. You can also see this from the negative comments posted on the Law Society Gazette blog when any firm that trys anything new when it comes to client acquisition. Suddenly a plethora of comments voraciously mocking these attempts are posted by these people, perhaps to make them feel better about their entrenched position of ‘doing nothing’.

As we all know, it is so much easier to criticise than it is to praise, which probably explains the Daily Mail’s popularity.

I often see this trait with people who have been receiving my law firm marketing ideas and tips for two years or more, and then the first time I hear from them is not to thank me for all the advice they have received up to this point, it is to criticise something I suggest in one of my emails.

I can quickly see that the person contacting me has read all of my previous emails and often attended two or three of my free webinars, but never used my services. Now please don’t think for a moment that I am unhappy that they have not purchased any products or services, that is absolutely fine. Some of my best consultancy clients read my emails for more than three years before they became clients because they were just not ready until then. So that part is fine. The point I am making is that having consumed my free advice for two years don’t just contact me for the first time to moan or criticise; that is just a little bit rude.

Easier to criticise than it is to praise….

My aim here is to make you think, and ask yourself where you sit at the moment. Take a moment to think about this, and then please, for your own benefit, plop yourself firmly in the former category I mention above. The answers are out there for you, but you do have to do some looking.

* Getting help from an external source, i.e. someone like me, does one major thing; it fast tracks your path to success. You can go it alone and this can work, but in my experience since 2003 it generally means you spend a lot more money and a lot of time getting it wrong before you get it right. So if you would like results more quickly, and to stop spending money in the places where it won’t ever work, why not talk with me about my 90 Day More Clients Now Programme?

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