Cross Selling Legal Services – 119 Different Cross Selling Methods

Would you like to become an expert in cross selling legal services? Would you like 119 different ways you can easily and cost effectively cross sell your legal services?

I have been helping solicitors to win new clients since 2003 full time when I set up my legal marketing consultancy. Before that, I was always doing the marketing for the law firms that I worked with as a solicitor from 1991.

I have tried and tested every marketing method available to solicitors.

Cross selling legal services, when done well, will bring clients to you consistently.

What is ‘done well’?

My Cross Selling & Referrals ToolKit, previously sold for £99 plus VAT, contains 119 different methods to cross sell your legal services.

It is now available on Amazon as a Kindle book for a fraction of it’s original price (think two of your coffees).

So why not buy yourself a coffee, buy two more in the form of my book, then sit down and discover the 119 most effective ways to cross sell your legal services.

So if you have a Kindle, or an Ipad or other tablet on which you can download the Kindle App, you can now receive all of these practical, proven cross selling methods and start generating new client instructions very quickly.

Cross Selling Legal Services

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