Solicitors: The Complete Insanity Of Doing Your Own Marketing

This is going to be a very short post, but one of the most important too! Statement 1 You can bill anything from £100 per hour to £500 per hour for your time. Statement 2 You can outsource practically any aspect of your client generation marketing to someone charging anything from £15 to £50 per … Read more

The Death Of High Street Solicitors & Retailers?

The Death Of High Street Shopping & Solicitors? Not a week seems to pass at the moment when the media are not bemoaning the death of the traditional High Street. Soon there will be no shops on the High Street they cry, and Mary Portas, Queen of Shops, is brought in to save the High … Read more

How Much Good Legal Marketing Advice Are You Ignoring?

I had an email which made me laugh the other day. The email suggested that I had too much content on my website, that I should reduce the number of pages that I have overall and then the ‘intrigue’ of people wanting to find our more would be much better from me. The writer ended … Read more

Investment In Your Law Firm Marketing

I recently returned from a trip to the States where I was attending a marketing course with some business friends. On the last evening of the conference a big night was called for so we headed out into the night and took a taxi to a restaurant. After a good meal and a few glasses … Read more

The Ryder Cup And Solicitors Marketing

Whether you like golf or not, or watch a lot of television or not, you have probably seen something of the Ryder Cup over the course of the last weekend and Monday. What an amazing event. Golfers are paid handsomely for their day job if they are in the top level, and all of the … Read more

The Partners Will Not Let Me Get On With Marketing..

I often receive the same questions from the partner or solicitor charged with responsibility for marketing which says: How do I persuade the partners to let me try new marketing initiatives when they say that everything they have tried before has failed and they do not believe they should be doing any marketing anymore. Answer … Read more

I Agree Entirely, But This Doesn’t Apply To My Firm….

The above phrase is one that I have heard so many times and causes me to tear my hair out (or what is now left of it). I usually here it when a solicitor has been provided with a new (to them) opportunity to promote their business which works very well, and they respond with: … Read more

Perfection Kills Momentum

Anyone who has followed my thoughts on marketing solicitors for any length of time will know that I have several stock comments. What I am delighted to hear, and have kept hearing over the last few weeks when meeting solicitors who receive my emails is that the one resonating the most is clearly the one … Read more

Are you giving your clients what they don’t even know they want?

There are many examples where businesses have changed or modified their product or service and suddenly hugely increased the success of their business. I recently used a different brand of toothpaste. I had to unscrew the plastic lid. I have been using a flip up lid for as long as I can remember and suddenly … Read more