Perfection Kills Momentum

Anyone who has followed my thoughts on marketing solicitors for any length of time will know that I have several stock comments. What I am delighted to hear, and have kept hearing over the last few weeks when meeting solicitors who receive my emails is that the one resonating the most is clearly the one above.

Perfection Kills Momentum

It seems accepted by most solicitors that this saying stops them making progress. They come up with a new idea, then improve it, then adapt it, then, then, then….. Then doing anything to stop this idea actually happening. It is almost like a fear stops them from finishing the idea and testing it. The idea could be anything from testing putting up the new website or rewriting an existing advertisement. It could even be recording their first video for their website. It doesn’t really matter what the idea is, it is the fear, or the desire to make it perfect, that inordinately delays the idea, or often worse still completely smothers it until it dies out.

It seems to be a real problem for solicitors, and I understand the reason for this. Most solicitors are perfectionists. Their job demands that they pay very close attention to the detail as failing to do so can be costly to their clients, and ultimately their business.

Perhaps you need two hats, a lawyers hat and then a different one when dealing with marketing so that you can make quicker decisions. You see the thing is marketing doesn’t have to be perfect. If you have no website and are fretting about one or two words, or you are not sure about the colours, put the website up right away and then see what happens. Without it going live you will never win any new business and you will be losing it by not having one. In my experience what happens is the website goes live and suddenly the colours or words don’t matter. And let’s face it, they normally don’t matter. Will one word prevent a client from choosing your firm? Will pink instead of orange make them choose another firm. 99 times out of 100 of course not.

Don’t Fret The Small Stuff

Do not let the tiny, small, irrelevant items stop your business from surviving and thriving. Believe me, they could be causing far more damage than you would imagine. I am seeing more solicitors throw off their usual shackles and start to take regular, consistent (YET NOT PERFECT) action. The longer you let them make this progress, the further you fall behind them and the harder it is to close the gap.

Don’t fret the small stuff.
Don’t let perfection kill momentum!

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