My Daughter’s Birthday

Today is my daughter’s 11th birthday (Happy Birthday Megan). No doubt as with all parents I cannot believe where that 11 years has gone. 11 years ago I was still a practising solicitor. I had my plans for starting Samson Consulting; I knew that I would do that only two years into entering the law when I was a trainee legal executive, but I did not leave the law until 2004.

What I did not know was how quickly the time would pass or whether there was a need for a marketing service purely for solicitors run by a solicitor (non-practising as I must always say).

Was there enough business to keep myself busy? Would I be able to support my first (and by then second born, Samuel), and would solicitors warm to my service?

I didn’t know the answers to these questions, yet I believed in what I could do to help Law Firms. I saw that they needed help and my intuition told me that I would make it work. My business plan was a sketchy outline, but I got the funding I needed. I put everything into it, tried some things that worked really well and others that did not. I learned from those and either improved them or stopped doing them.

The point here is that I just did it. I pushed on, sometimes when things seemed impossible. When I did not know if I could make the next mortgage payment I could have given up, but I believed fully in what I did. Totally and completely. I put everything into it and never stopped believing. Thankfully it has worked for me (so far) and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Long may it continue, please.

I see lots of solicitors who enjoy what they do too. Sadly on an increasing level I see many of them struggling and making choices they do not believe in. Rather than trying to attract new work of the type that they enjoy they seem to be sacrificing it for work that they think they can attract more easily. If this is you, please stop it. Relentlessly go after what you really want to do, what you really enjoy doing and what you do really well. This is the only way you will really thrive. Don’t accept second best. Don’t ever stop moving towards your perfect business (constantly adapting and modfiying your plans). Push on and keep taking new positive action and I am certain your practice will be fine.

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