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On a recent episode of Life with Sir David Attenborough he was following an Ibex deer. These deer lived on the top of a cliff, and the only time they went down to the bottom of the valley was when they needed to eat and drink.

The mother had recently given birth and it was time for her offspring to make their first journey down to the bottom of the valley. The cliff they had to descend was, in places, practically vertical, but they managed the descend without any problems, well almost.

The youngest straggler was a way behind her mum when a fox started to chase her. Intuitively she started to run back up the cliff, but the fox was quicker. Suddenly the Ibex Deer ran up a near vertical cliff face and then stopped halfway up. The fox could not follow as the cliff was too steep. Through thousands of years breeding and intuition/instinct the fox knew that stopping on a sheer cliff face would save her, and it did. Ahh; a happy ending for once!

Why does this matter to you? Well we too have many years instinct and intuition built into our system, but nowadays we most often try and override it with facts and figures. Sometimes we instinctively know the answer to a problem, yet we fight the answer trying to back up our feelings with some hard facts. Other times you will know that what you are being sold is not going to achieve what is promised, yet you still go ahead and sign the cheque for the next great marketing scheme that will bring clients flooding to your practice.

At the same time, on other occasions there will be things you know that you should do to market or promote your law firm, yet you let a partner or someone else talk you out of it. The trouble is ignoring your intuition makes it easier to do so the next time. We have the system built into us for a reason.

Some business decisions I have made I have done so even though I knew they would not work out as planned. Why do we do this?

Malcolm Gladwell has most of the answers in his excellent and insightful book Blink. I urge you to read it, it is my favourite book from him, much more so than his more widely quoted book The Tipping Point.

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