The Partners Will Not Let Me Get On With Marketing..

I often receive the same questions from the partner or solicitor charged with responsibility for marketing which says:

How do I persuade the partners to let me try new marketing initiatives when they say that everything they have tried before has failed and they do not believe they should be doing any marketing anymore.

First, I see and hear this all of the time, so if this applies to you, you are certainly not alone. It usually comes from many years of being ‘hard sold’ last minute advertising or schemes without any tracking or measuring of results (no treasure without measure). So it is not really a surprise that everything has failed. This is not proper marketing where you plan your target audience, choose the media and then ensure you hit the right message.

Therefore, the method I have used in these situations is to seek a relatively small budget to test two or three initiatives on the understanding that the partners will not intervene until all results are in. Ensure you have good tracking in place and let the campaigns run. If they work, go back and ask for a bigger budget to go again and keep going until you have autonomy. It takes time, is not my ideal method but it ALWAYS wins the partners round eventually as the results on paper cannot be denied…

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