Your Legal Website Design Does Not Work!

Your legal website design does not work because:

  • It is too dark
  • It is too bright
  • It has too many colours
  • It does not have enough colours
  • It needs more pazazz
  • Your website designer says you need a widget
  • Your senior partner’s friends website is much nicer than yours
  • It does not have enough images
  • It has too many images
  • It needs more content
  • There is not enough content
  • Your senior partner knows someone that can rebuild it for only a few hundred pounds….

I could go on forever, and ever, and ever. Really I could. The point is, none of this matters. When it comes to your legal website desgn, absolutely the only thing that matters is that it brings you new leads, day after day and month after month. If it is not, change one thing and see if this makes a difference. Then change another and another. Test each change, give it time to settle and bed in. But test it slowly, bit by bit, then you will know what works because your clients will let you know!

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