Law Society Marketing Solicitors Brand?

So the Law Society is once again spending hundreds of thousands of pounds promoting the brand of solicitor. Is it worth it?

Having reviewed their previous efforts, including the “Help, I need somebody” campaign based around the Beatles song of the same name, I think not. The problem with the Law Society model of advertising is that it is “brand advertising”. They are trying to promote the brand of solicitor and this type of marketing needs massive resources to be effective. It would require millions of pounds of advertising as opposed to hundreds of thousands of pounds. With a budget of this size the only advertising the Law Society should be undertaking (and this applies for all solicitors) is direct response advertising. This means creating an advertisement that requires one action to be taken immediately. It should be focused on one area of law (the Law Society are trying to promote every single area of law in one poster which will never happen) which allows you to be far stronger with your message and is more likely to lead to results.

When Tesco undertakes “brand advertising” it still has one simple message, which is usually that it is trying to save you money. It will present this message through packaged meal deals or specially reduced priced products. It does not advertise the fact that it supplies apples, bananas, baked beans, spaghetti hoops, shaving foam etc etc. It does not do this because it knows it would not work. If this is the case why is the Law Society spending your money in this way?

I would appreciate your comments below as to whether you think this would be good use of your practising certificate fees.

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