Solicitors Marketing Their Practices – the only rule is this one!

Nick Jervis' Law FIrm Marketing PlanIf you are running a solicitors practice, and constantly trying to attract new clients to you, how can you do this and be certain that all of your marketing efforts will be rewarded?

This is a question I often hear, so I thought it might be helpful to answer it.

The main advice I can give you is that you absolutely must ensure that you have put the right hat on when you are marketing your services.

When it comes to your legal work, you need a hat that is very fond of certainty. Your legal services ‘hat’ has to be very accurate, and be a fanatic when it comes to attention to detail.

This is a fundamentally different hat from your solicitors marketing one. This hat has only one task; that is to ensure that when it comes to marketing your legal services, whatever happens, you just “keep calm and carry on marketing”!

Marketing is very different from the provision of your legal services. Quite often, there are no definitive answers to the perennial question “what will work when it comes to marketing my solicitors practice”?

What might work for a personal injury solicitor when it comes to promoting their services may never work for a business solicitor. Conversely, what may work incredibly effectively for one business solicitor when it comes to marketing their legal services may fail hopelessly for another business solicitor even if he or she operates within the same sector or niche. Marketing is very much about personality and small nuances can make substantial differences to the success of a marketing campaign.

Unless or until you test and try a marketing technique for your services, you simply will not know if it will work for your practice or for one particular type of legal service.

Once you do test it, if you obtain any results, you should try and improve each aspect of that marketing activity to make it more effective until it works time and time again for you, allowing you to move on to add another marketing tributary to your Profit FlowCast.

There are no certainties when it comes to marketing. You only find out what will or will not work for you when you try it.

When it comes to marketing legal services, the only way to ensure your future success is to Keep Calm and Keep Marketing!

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