All Of Your Legal Marketing Questions Answered – No Charge…

If you want to grow your practice, you need to spend some time, even just a little time, getting to grips with the different forms of marketing available for solicitors. So how do you do this? How do you know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to the marketing of legal services? … Read more

The Solicitors New Marketing Journey

I thought it would be helpful to set out here what happens when a solicitor starts undertaking marketing activities for the first time, or perhaps not the first time but this time with renewed vigour. Just like anything in business, it does not always pan out as the solicitor might like, well not instantly. I … Read more

Are You Struggling Like This Solicitor Was With His Marketing?

“I assumed that I wasn’t the only solicitor who had seen his instructions reducing steadily over the last few years, but just to confirm this I asked a few other local sole practitioners. What they said really surprised me. They said that they were doing fine. I thought there might be some ‘playing me’ in … Read more

I Don’t Have Time To Market My Legal Services?

This is a statement I often hear from solicitors who are running a practice or a team. How do I find the time to market my business? Well, the very simple and stark answer is that nowadays you absolutely MUST find the time to market your legal services. The legal world has changed, it is … Read more

How Much Good Legal Marketing Advice Are You Ignoring?

I had an email which made me laugh the other day. The email suggested that I had too much content on my website, that I should reduce the number of pages that I have overall and then the ‘intrigue’ of people wanting to find our more would be much better from me. The writer ended … Read more

5 Common Legal Marketing Mistakes By Solicitors

Someone asked me recently “Nick, what are the 5 common mistakes solicitors make with their legal marketing.” I thought it was a good question and well worthy of an answer, so here is a video with the common legal marketing mistakes that I regularly see. WARNING – The purpose of this video is to help … Read more

Stop Believing: Stop Receiving

Sadly my children are getting to the age where they have twigged that the guy with the big white beard and the red coat might not actually be real. Megan at 11 has definitely realised, and I am pretty sure that Samuel at 9 is there or thereabouts, but at the same time they still … Read more

The Middle – Cut Loose Your Legal Marketing!

My children recently started watching an American family sitcom called The Middle which has now turned into a family favourite. It is about a normal family coping with their three ‘normal’ children growing up. They have a son of around 17, a daughter of 13 and a geeky child who only reads books of about … Read more