The Solicitors New Marketing Journey

I thought it would be helpful to set out here what happens when a solicitor starts undertaking marketing activities for the first time, or perhaps not the first time but this time with renewed vigour.

Just like anything in business, it does not always pan out as the solicitor might like, well not instantly. I understand this is frustrating, but wanted to share a common journey that needs to be travelled before the success which is being sought is achieved. I hope it might help you to stay on track until it all comes together:

  1. Start marketing! The solicitor is excited at the prospects and opportunities that lie ahead. “This is it – it is going to be successful, I can feel it!.
  2. The solicitor gets busy making things happen. He chooses a marketing tactic or two to get started. He engages suppliers to help him. All is good and he is still excited at the moment.
  3. The marketing campaign starts. Still excited at this point but also a bit nervous…
  4. Nothing much happens at first. Panic. Stop! Fear. ‘I should never have done this’ the solicitor starts to think to himself. ‘Shall I go back to how it was and hope that things just get better? No, I really can’t do that any more as that definitely wasn’t working. That is why I started this process. I must push through this phase with force and might and make it work’, he says to himself.
  5. Results start coming. Some are not right – the wrong type of clients or the wrong type of enquiries. There is the odd good one but still not enough to get excited about yet. Persevere!
  6. The marketing now starts producing good results regularly and consistently and the right type of clients – hurrah!
  7. Don’t stop now, choose another marketing tactic and go again – never rely on just one marketing tactic!

Has this happened to you?

If this has happened to you, I would love to hear from you and to hear how you got past this sticking point. Please leave a comment below and I will respond. Thank you.

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Marketing For Solicitors

Case Study

A straightforward approach with a genuine expertise, providing you with a proven plan of exactly what you need to do to grow your firm.

I first stumbled across Nick when searching on Amazon for help growing a firm in the legal sector.

Straight away I was struck by his no-nonsense approach, so after checking out a preview of his book, I bought it on Kindle and started devouring it straight away.

What was immediately apparent was that Nick really does know what he’s talking about, which was hugely refreshing in an industry with plenty of bluffers and chancers.

I found the fact that Nick has actually been there and done it in the legal world very compelling indeed, and after finishing the book, I knew there was plenty he still had to teach me.

I booked a free call, which contained plenty of value, but what became clear is that if I was really going to get Nick’s personalised help to grow my firm, I needed to do it properly, so after speaking to a couple of Nick’s clients to reassure myself I was making the right decision, I took the plunge, and booked the Steady Stream of New Clients meeting.

And I’m so glad I did.

From the moment my wife Rachael and I arrived, Nick put us at complete ease and we quickly built up a strong rapport, and thanks to the pre-meeting preparation put in by all parties, we were able to wring a huge amount of value out of it, because most of the fact-finding had already been completed before the meeting began.

Consequently, the meeting was chockfull of useful, actionable information, and most importantly, that information was grounded on what actually works in the real world – no theory in sight.

When we left Bristol, we were hugely energised and excited; but more than that, we also had clarity, and three days later, things were even clearer, thanks to the report Nick prepared for us detailing exactly what marketing we needed to be doing AND how to make sure that that marketing was actually implemented.

Having used a consultant in the past, my biggest fear was that there’d be a lot of talking around the issues, and a whole lot more questions than answers, but that simply isn’t how Nick works.

Instead, he calls a spade a spade, and fuses that straightforward approach with a genuine expertise, providing you with a proven plan of exactly what you need to do to grow your firm.

If you’re considering booking one of Nick’s Steady Stream of New Clients meetings, I would say, unhesitatingly, that you need to go for it”

Bill Ward, Ward Trademarks