2019 will be the last teen year that you live through….

Happy New Year.

I want you to make this a great one, so with that in mind, here is something to make you think:

2019 will be the last teen year that you live through…. 

I am acutely aware of teenage years because I have two teenage children (one will not be for much longer).

But it struck me that this will be the last teen year that I live through in my life. Now I don’t know your age, but unless they find the key to longevity it is likely to be your last teen year too. 

Now I am now saying this to depress you, but to make you think.

Often the New Year itself often doesn’t quite give you the kick you need to change things for your life and 2019 will be the last teen year that you live through….business. It takes a while to get going again. It’s another New Year. Blah blah…. Hum drum mundane blah…

However, maybe my pointing out that this is the last teen year that you live through can inspire you to take just that little bit more action that makes you create the business that you have always wanted.

Maybe by being more teen this year you can change your business. 

Remember when you were a teenager you did all of these things:

  • Worried less
  • Laughed more
  • Took more risks
  • Did more (with all that extra energy).

In this last teenage year, be more teen and make more happen than in the last ten years. And remember, you don’t have to do it alone. I am here to help. Reply to this email and I will answer it personally (maybe after a few days, but it will be answered).

Better still, hop on a “More Clients Now” strategy call with me and let me explain exactly what you need to do to be more teen and grow more than you have done in a long while.

You can choose a time here: https://www.samsonconsulting.co.uk/more-clients-now-call-reservation/

Let’s make 2019 great!

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