A Formula For Writing Solicitors Email Newsletters.

I have a two-word prompt about marketing legal services that all of my members of my Marketing4Solicitors Service* will know very well.

I mention this two-word prompt a lot, because it helps my clients to home in on making all of their marketing so very much more effective.

Here it is:

“Clients first!”

I mention it to you now because this saying should be front of mind whenever you are writing the content of your emails to your clients and prospects.

You should write your email and then read it back with those two words in front of you. Does the email talk all about your clients (until the very end when it talks about how you can help)?

If not, you need to tweak your content. I have a formula for that which I am going to share with you now.

Before that, I want you to think about a lovely meal. Perhaps you would like some lovely freshly steamed mussels for starter, a nice rare fillet steak for main and a lovely sticky toffee pudding to round it all off with? All washed down with your favourite tipple of choice, of course.

I mention this because your emails are like a three course meal. A Formula For Writing Solicitors Email Newsletters.

If the subject line of your email to prospects is the starter on your menu, the content of your email is very much the main meal. It needs to follow on from your gripping subject line (remember I gave you 50 ideas for subject lines in last week’s email), expand upon it and then ensure it ends by offering your lovely prospects some dessert – which in email terms is your call to action.

In the Law Firm Growth Formula book (available on Amazon and all good bookstores – probably some bad ones too at that), I talk about my formula for writing content for anything that promotes your services by using my PASTOR formula (P194 if you already have the book).

This formula can work equally well for your emails.

P – Problem – this is your subject line.

A – Agitate the problem – expand upon it, put some lemon juice on the wound to really make your prospects realise how important the topic is that you are waxing lyrical on.

S – Start to explain the solution to this problem.

T – Travel with the solution – showing the reader how much better their life will be when they have this solution.

O – Offer to help them. How can you solve this problem?

R – Rally your call to action – tell them precisely what they need to do next to ask for your help.

The ‘AST’ in my acronym above is the main content parts of your emails (the main course), whereas the ‘O’ and the ‘R’ are all about your call to action (the dessert).

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