Google Adwords Doesn’t Work For Solicitors

It is true. Google Adwords doesn’t work for solicitors. It makes Google $16 Billion dollars per quarter, but that must just be lucky. There is no way it could work for solicitors is there?

Google Adwords Doesn't Work For Solicitors

Do you remember when you learned to drive?

For me, this was 30 years ago. Ouch.

However, when I did learn to drive, I had lessons and gradually understood what I was supposed to do and how I was supposed to do it.

Imagine for a second that you have never seen a car and you are asked to get into it and drive it away.

For me this is quite easy to imagine, as my 17 year old daughter is just about to go through this process.

If I put Megan into a car now and told her to drive us somewhere but did not give her any instructions, what would she do?

I expect she might get as far as realising that she needed to push the key into the socket, but would she be able to guess that she needed to press the clutch down at the same time? Would she even know what a clutch was and where to find it? I expect not.

She might start to fire nasty glares at me for not helping her, but I would encourage her to go on and keep trying.

I would expect the windscreen wipers to go on and off, then on again. Indicators would be turned on and off. Hazard lights would flash.

All sorts of things would happen, until after a few minutes my daughter would be forced to give up, slam the door and declare that “Cars are rubbish and don’t work.

She is also likely to lose a lot of respect for her father, which is not something I would want to happen. I very much love my relationship with my daughter, so I am not going to jeopardise it by putting her in a car and asking her to figure it all out for herself. Why would you do that to someone you love or to yourself for that matter?

This is why it always puzzles me that so many solicitors expect themselves to step into the equivalent of a car and drive it away without any instructions or help.

I know this happens because whenever I run a poll about this very point I am told that they have indeed tried to drive a car without any expert guidance and concluded that it didn’t work. Cars are rubbish and don’t work.

The car in question here is Google Adwords but the point is exactly the same; so many solicitors try it on their own and expect to make it work without any help. They might use the stop start button and the forwards and backwards tools, but that is all they use because they do not understand how or why all of the other features are so important to make Adwords the most successful client acquisition tool that it is.

If you have tried Google Adwords and failed previously, this is more likely than not the reason for your failure – lack of expert guidance.

I say this an awful lot I know, but some things need to be said many, many times before they really sink in: nearly all of my consultancy clients (all solicitors of course) use Google Adwords. Those that don’t will eventually when I beat them into submission because I know it is really good medicine for them. They will then, as so many have done before, berate me for not forcing them to have done this earlier because they see how effective it is. I will use a horse and water response, but inside I will be frustrated that they have missed months or years of generating new clients relatively easily and VERY cost effectively.

All of my consultancy clients track every single marketing activity that they undertake to ensure it puts more money into their bank account than it takes out and Google Adwords always does.

The return on investment varies but usually starts from a position of three times return on investment but often exceeds 10 times. So if you spend £1,000 on Google Adwords, you will generate a return of £3,000 to £10,000 in profit costs. When you add to this the fact that these new clients will come back and use your other services you soon realise why and how Google Adwords can have such a dramatic, positive impact on your law firm profitability and viability.

The Google Adwords Masterclass training, where I take you through a solicitor’s live Adwords campaign from start to maturity starts soon.

If you have never tried Adwords, you should join.

If, as in the example above, you have tried to drive the car without a driving instructor, you should come back and try it again but this time with my guidance.

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Google Adwords Masterclass Training for Solicitors

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