Law Firm Marketing Optimisation For New Clients

Matthew Pinsent, 4 time Olympic Gold Medal winner, was in the final of Celebrity Masterchef when he was asked how he was coping with the pressure. “Process over product” he answered. A sports psychologist trained him and his team to focus on the process of rowing to win a race, rather than winning the race … Read more

5 Point Guide To A Successful Legal Marketing Campaign

When you are starting any legal marketing campaign, it is vital that you give some thought to what you are hoping to achieve. This five step process will help you to plan out a successful legal marketing campaign. 1. What success would you like to achieve from your campaign? If you start off every campaign … Read more

90 Day Law Firm Marketing Plan Template

I wonder how many of you have 5 year business plans? I would hope in these days that many more would answer that question positively. However, how many then break this down into even more manageable chunks? 1 year, or how about 90 day plans? Think about this in practice. If you have no plan … Read more

Yodas best advice works for mere mortals too!

I have been recently watching episodes I-VI of Star Wars with my family. I think it is fair to say the nostalgia means that my wife and I have enjoyed the films more than my 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son, but we have made them sit there with us through each … Read more

I’m Going To Marry George Clooney By The End Of The Year!

Now believe me, that was never a subject line I thought I was ever going to put at the top of one of my emails, but hey! "I’m going to marry George Clooney by the end of the year".  This is exactly what I overheard as I walked through Dublin airport recently. Those exact words. … Read more

The New High Street Solicitors Marketing Plan

Old High Street Solicitor Dead, New High Street Solicitor Thriving Forgive me now, for I am going to make you a little nostalgic, that is if you have been working in or around the law for at least as long as I have. The main part of the nostalgia is that it used to be … Read more

Creating Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Outline

How was the end of 2013 for you? Was it an amazing end of year, or did it merely slowly peter out, leaving you glad to start the next one as quickly as possible? I know that a lot of people find this time of year exciting because they can make plans to really push … Read more

Why Bother With A Legal Marketing Plan?

Many solicitors who I meet do not have a legal marketing plan. No. All solicitors I meet do not have a legal marketing plan; well that is until they start working with me. Now when I say ‘legal marketing plan’, I am not thinking of the traditional (useless) marketing plan that is 50 to 100 … Read more

Starting A Law Firm Checklist UK

The Perfect Marketing Plan/ Checklist For Starting A Law Firm/Solicitors Practice In 12 Months? If you are setting up a law firm, or you have recently started your solicitor’s practice, you are at a distinct advantage to many older law firms. You can find out how to generate clients the right way and put in … Read more