Yodas best advice works for mere mortals too!

I have been recently watching episodes I-VI of Star Wars with my family. I think it is fair to say the nostalgia means that my wife and I have enjoyed the films more than my 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son, but we have made them sit there with us through each one.

We have just one more episode to go now in the set.

In the latest episode, Yoda gave a stellar piece of advice which I simply had to share with you, particularly as it follows on so well from my last email about goal setting.

In Episode V, The Empire Strikes back, Luke Sywalker goes in search of Yoda to receive his Jedi training. He crash lands his space craft into a swamp, and whilst having some training with Yoda it finally sinks completely beneath the water.

Luke Sywalker seems a little upset that he will never get off the planet, but Yoda explains that he can use his Jedi mind powers to raise the ship from the swamp. After some persuading Luke agress to ‘Try’ to raise the space craft from the water.

This is when Yoda gives some advice that we can all learn from.

In response to Luke saying he will try to raise the craft, Yoda simply says: "Try? No Try. Do. Or don’t do."

I had to quickly write that down, because nothing is truer in business or in life generally.

You can ‘try’ to grow your business, or you can commit to growing your business (do it).

It reminds me of another great quote from Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right". I have adapted it to my own version of "Whether you SAY you can, or you SAY you can’t, you will be right". The choice of words when it comes to making plans for your business are vital. Try or do. Think, or say.

What are your commitments for 2015? I leave goals out now. Make a commitment and you will get there, or a lot closer than you ever thought possible!

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