Fishing Where The Fish Are Hungry Is The Best Place For Solicitors To Start

I have been struggling to find help recently, on two fronts, and what I have learned I believe has a relevance for you and your law firm.

Solicitors Need To Fish Where The Fish Are Hungry

My struggles have been in searching for someone to do some handy work for me at home that is beyond my abilities, and in looking for a developer to help me take my software, Your Website Genie, to the next level.

I asked local friends for recommendations for help with my handy work and each person that I called explained that they were just too busy.

I spent some time researching developers for my software and found several that seemed capable of doing the job. I had meetings online and offline with them, and on each occasion, they explained that they just didn’t have the time or resource available to help me.

I was becoming frustrated on both fronts. I had some work ready to be done and was willing to pay for it to be done, but I couldn’t find anyone to help me.

Then it struck me. I was fishing where the fish were all full. They had been eating steadily for months and didn’t really want any more fish. I needed to be fishing where the fish were hungrier.

So, I changed my tack.

For the home help, I went to a website that lists all sorts of people who can do all sorts of jobs and who are actively seeking new business. It is called MyBuilder. I had several people contact me almost immediately after I posted the job and they all came highly recommended from the previous jobs that they had completed.

For my software, I turned to a freelance developer website, again where each person had reviews of all of the work completed by them, and again I found someone very keen to help me and they completed my first batch of jobs within a week.

Fishing where the fish are hungry is a much better place to fish.

If you are hungry for more fish, there are people searching for the services that you offer right now. You can be presented in front of them and be asked by them to provide your legal expertise.

Whether they find you through Google Adwords, or through one of the many articles on your website, the result is the same. You get to eat some more fish.

If your website doesn’t produce new clients for you consistently, I would start adding more content to your website on a consistent basis or start using Google Adwords (or improve its’ performance of you are not getting results with it).

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