A living eulogy and an offer ending 11pm tonight for solicitors!

I have been fortunate enough to read two eulogies at funerals in the last couple of years. One for my father, one for my aunt. What struck me each time was how many nice things are said about people once they leave us and what a shame the person being spoken about doesn’t hear it whilst they are still alive. It’s all a bit bizarre. Maybe that’s why Michael Aspel used to do This Is Your Life.

I have been reminded of this because in the last few days I have felt at times like I am living through my ‘Work eulogy’. People have written some lovely, touching things about me and about my book, The Law Firm Growth Formula.

The Law Firm Growth Formula

This has done two things for me:

  1. Made me incredibly humbled; and
  2. Made me pleased that I finally finished a book that should have been finished years ago. All that matters is that it is finished now.

Here are just two of the most recent ones, there are more on Amazon:

If you want to grow your law firm look no further…
This is a (in fact, 'the') book I wish I had had available to me when I was embarking on my career in private practice almost 35 years ago. It is packed with clear, easy to follow (and apply) advice and tips. This is not a theory book. Nick was once a solicitor in practice in England and the book is in large part what he conceived, applied and refined with success during that time. Nick's writing style is very lucid and devoid of 'fluff'.

Although Nick writes as an English solicitor (now non-practising) the content is readily applicable to Scottish practice (and, I would imagine, practice much further afield).

I expect this book to stand the test of time. Highly recommended.

Paul Donnachie

Highly recommended.
I've been following Nick's advice for many years now – and seen my law firm grow and become far more profitable as a direct result. If you are serious about wanting to see your law firm prosper and thrive, you need to read this book. Highly recommended.

Tim Bishop

Thank you to Tim and Paul and to everyone who has left a review. It really does mean a lot to me and delights me that my work is helping you. It's brilliant.

Thank you.

The 99p Kindle Edition offer ends at 11pm tonight, so if you haven’t yet claimed your copy and would like to save £9.00, now is the time to do so: //www.amazon.co.uk/Law-Firm-Growth-Formula-solicitors-ebook/dp/B075RXPRHV/

Or the paperback version is £14.99 and is here: //www.amazon.co.uk/Law-Firm-Growth-Formula-solicitors/dp/1781332657/

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