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Law Firm Marketing Advice For Solicitors From Nick Jervis, Samson Consulting

One of the most common questions I am asked by solicitors (or lawyers to be more inclusive) who sign up for my 8 Ways To Instantly Attract New Clients Guide is “What is working?”. Now the good news is that there are some universal truths in terms of what is working when it comes to marketing, but there is perhaps a more important point to make.

You are better off thinking of marketing as a legal contract. Now even though I was a pracitising solicitor for many years I did not draft many contracts. So it was a suprise to me that since setting up my various businesses and instructing solicitors to draft contracts for us, every contract we have drafted and send to a solicitor to sign comes back with completely different points that they are unhappy with. I thought that a contract should be watertight and if drafted by one solicitor every other contract solicitor would say, “Great piece of work, I will sign that straight away“. But alas no, we have new points raised EVERY single time we send a contract to a new solicitor.

And the point is, marketing a law firm is no different, whether talking about family law marketing, business law marketing or any legal service,. Like one contract should please every solicitor but does not, you might think that one form of law firm marketing works as well for firm A as it does for firm B. But just like the contract this is simply not the case. One form of marketing might work brilliantly for firm A, but fail hugely for firm B. I see this happen all of the time. The BIG LESSON to take away from this is the secret to succeesful law firm marketing is this:

You have to keep trying and testing new marketing methods all of the time.

Once you understand this and realise that there is no instant and magic pill to provide a stream of new clients, you can get on with constantly trying new marketing initiatives and you will at last be well on the path to success.

I did say that there are some universal truths that generally work for all law firms, and here they are:

  • Every law firm MUST have a marketing database of past, present and future clients and communicate with it AT LEAST onced a month (see Aweber for the software I use which is excellent);
  • Pay Per Click advertising is a great way of bringing new visitors to your website instantly and generating new instructions;
  • Asking for referrals from existing clients MUST be a common practice instilled into all of your team (if you have one);
  • Legal Services Brochures (which for some reason many solicitors believe they can dispense with these days) WILL help you to convert more enquiries into new client instructions and generate new instructions from existing clients IF you relentlessly send them out with letters to clients and referrers;
  • Unless and until you spend 30 minutes every day marketing your law firm you will NEVER create a steady flow of new client instructions

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