Perfection Kills Momentum Legal Marketing

Perfection Kills Momentum

When it comes to marketing your law firm, marketing needs momentum to thrive: Perfection KILLS Momentum!

Perfection Kills Momentum Nick Jervis

One of the biggest lessons that I have carried with me from my days as a practising solicitor is a quote from a legal judgment that was constantly repeated by a partner in one of my firms. Whilst I confess to finding its overuse a little annoying at times, now that I run my own businesses I fully understand the importance of this statement. In the last five years of running my marketing consultancy for solicitors, I am frequently reminded of the statement as I can see Solicitors living out the statement to the detriment of their marketing activities and their business as a whole.

If something is nearly there, if it is good enough, put it out there and get it working for you.

The quote that I always heard was "perfect is the enemy of good", but with my work with solicitors and other businesses for the last few years, , that has to be changed to my new quote in relation to marketing of "Perfection Kills Momentum".

We are all so pressed for time, and whilst you may think that more time will open up tomorrow or next week to allow you to complete a project, the truth of the matter is that anytime that does open up will be swallowed up by another matter.

In marketing terms, where I most see this statement poisoning solicitors marketing is in the following places:


Often a website is ready to be published and to generate new business for a firm of solicitors, only for it to be awaiting final “tweaking” by one, two or three of the partners involved in the process. I have seen this final tweaking process take several months and in some cases over a year.

Everyday that the website was not allowed to go live loses the opportunity to acquire new business. Either the website is replacing an existing poor quality website, or it is a new website for a firm without one. Either way, a good website live, published, and attracting visitors on the website, even with some mistakes, is far better than a ‘perfect’ website on your web design company’s server.

Perfect is the enemy of good, so publish the website!


When a new advertisement is drafted to replace an existing poor one, again it is the final approval that can take weeks or even months. Do not wait, publish the new advertisement and amend it and change it as you notice where you can make improvements.


When the brochures are nearly ready, when all they require is a final sign off, make the final sign off on the day that you receive the artwork. Once you have the brochures, display them and send them to clients. Do not leave them sitting under reception because one of the partners does not think that they are perfect (does not like the colour or the images used). Send them out and get some new business in.

Direct Mail Or Email Campaigns

This is one of the classic examples where something not being quite perfect can be absolutely terminal to an otherwise good marketing campaign. You prepare a campaign and post or email your newsletter or direct mail campaign to your database. 99% of the people that receive it have no problem with it, some act upon it and ask you to carry out some work for them, excellent. However, one person out of the 1,000 that received it has moved, or worse still has since passed away. Their son or daughter calls you and as you handled the probate is not surprisingly angry that you have sent a mail shot to their deceased parent. What do you do?

This is a real life example from a law firm. What did they do? Well this is all about “Perfect is the enemy of good” so there was and is always going to be an error or two on a database, but sending the mailshot out was good. So surely you amend the database so that the mistake does not happen again and the problem is solved?

Not in this case, the senior partner decides never to send a mail shot to any client ever again. This one mistake (the database not being perfect) stops everything. If this had been my firm or my campaign, I would simply have amended the database and then sent flowers, made a personal visit or both and expressed my deepest regret to the children of the deceased. That would seem the appropriate thing to me to do. Most people would accept the apology and the other 999 clients would continue to receive your important mailshots and newsletters which would continue to generate new business for you.

Never Let Perfect Legal Marketing Stop The Good Legal Marketing

Perfect is the enemy of good. You will make mistakes sometimes, but if you do nothing, always waiting for perfection, the major problem is likely to be that your practice goes out of business. Perfection Kills Momentum!

Be good in all of your marketing, but never let “perfect” ruin your marketing activities or worse still your business.

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Case Study

From biggest fee earner to no fee earning whilst doubling turnover

I’d been looking for somebody to help me with marketing for a while, and I came across Nick on Google.

That was three years ago, and in that time it’s fair to say that he’s had a massive impact on my business, and my life as a result.

In the early days, my goal was simple and specific: increase the turnover of the business so that I could take more money out of the business.

I had an amount in mind, and I expected it to take years to get there, but when I achieved it in just six months, it began to dawn on me that this guy really knew what he was talking about.

As a result of that early success, and with Nick’s help, I realised that my expectations were too low, and what I could actually achieve, with the right thinking and guidance, was far beyond what I’d ever imagined.

What Nick saw – and what he made me see – was that my business had fantastic potential, but to realise that potential, things needed to change.

Even before Nick got involved, we were getting a decent volume of leads, but it was what was happening to the leads that was the problem.

We weren’t tracking them, there was no process in place and to top it all off, we didn’t have a clear pricing structure, which meant that we were nowhere near as profitable as we could be.

And that’s where Nick came into his own. He built us a bespoke lead generation and sales process, and the results were staggering.

We pretty much doubled our turnover, allowing me to build a four-person sales and marketing team that gets us more leads and more sales.

Of course, Nick’s Google Adwords expertise has been a key part of our growth, and today it’s a hugely profitable marketing pillar for us.

But regardless of the medias or mechanisms we’ve used to grow over the last three years, it’s been Nick’s rock solid marketing plan that underpins it all.

He’s stopped me trying this and that, and got me to focus on the things that’ll have the biggest impact on the business.

And I think there’s a lot more to come – we still haven’t implemented everything that Nick has given us to do, and when we do, I reckon we’ve got around another £250,000 of revenue per year to add to our figures.

And it’s not just the business that’s seen a transformation – it’s been a personal transformation too.

When Nick first got involved, I was the biggest fee earner, and consequently I was reluctant to stop getting involved in cases.

Nick eventually made me see that if I was serious about growing this business, that needed to change and as time has gone on I’ve taken on less and less work – now I don’t do any of it.

And I only wish I’d done it earlier, because the result has been me having more time to build the business, and spending time with the people that are important to me.

Not only that, but the business is stronger, because it’s much less dependent on me.

Nick was right about that one, as he has been about pretty much everything else – it pains me to say it, but it’s true!

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