Robots, Estate Agents And Law Firm Marketing

Robots And Law Firm Marketing And Management

The robots are coming. Will the robots replace estate agents? Will they replace lawyers? IBM’s Watson is already giving legal advice apparently, so what is next, and what marketing can you do to protect your law firm’s future?

In the estate agency world, which is obviously linked to the legal world through conveyancing, technology has already had a major impact. Rightmove and Zoopla should lead people to ask “Why do I need an estate agent if all that they do is put my property on Rightmove?”.

That question must have been asked because the likes of Sarah Beeny’s Tepilo and Purple Bricks provide the viewing service and put you on Rightmove for a fraction of the price of a traditional estate agent.

Whilst we may not be able to see it yet, despite Watson doing his best, more of this is certain to follow.

My question for you is this – what are you going to do about it?

The race to the bottom could be furiously fast, so my advice is to not get involved in that.

Instead, you must optimise everything that you do so that it works as close to perfectly as possible, including:

  1. The delivery of your service;
  2. The marketing of your services; and
  3. The recruitment and retention of brilliant staff.

That way, whilst the rest race to the bottom, you can swim against the tide to the top; a much nicer place to be.

You can get help with all three of the above points as a member of Marketing4Solicitors, because, despite the name, it isn’t just marketing that I cover. My LinkedIn Recruitment Process (M4S issue 66) is already producing some results for Marketing4Solicitors members.

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