Serve Don’t Sell Your Legal Services To Grow Your Law Firm

I received dozens of lovely replies to my email last week which I found genuinely touching. I like to think that I am ok at writing, it is what I spend most of my time doing after all, but there are clearly many people reading my emails too who have a beautiful way with words.

I have personally replied to all of them, but I wanted to highlight that this for me is a completely Serve Don’t Sell Your Legal Services To Grow Your Law Firmunexpected part of having an email list and regularly communicating with it – you build connections with a lot of people who may or may not ever become clients, it really doesn’t matter which if I am honest – but you build a relationship with a lot of people.

When something sad happens, as for me recently, many reach out to say lovely things. Likewise, when something good happens, you also hear from them.

The more you are yourself in your emails, particularly as a solicitor who many people can see as ‘stand-off’ish’ (I know because I was one for so many years), the more you will connect with your audience and the more likely it is that they will ask you for your help when they next need a solicitor.

I never see my emails as a ‘sales tool’, but as a ‘connection’ tool. I know if I build enough connections with enough people the business will take care of itself. People will ask me for help when they get stuck and if there is a way I can help them I will suggest it, but I NEVER sell it. That part of being a solicitor has never left me.

SERVE don’t SELL and you should be as busy as you would ever like to be.

Have you started your email list yet?

If not, why not?

Let me know what is stopping you and I will personally reply to help you.




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