Steer your law firm ship; don’t stoke the fires

“I haven’t got time for marketing. I want more clients, but I simply do not have the time I need to set in place marketing activities to generate the extra clients.”

This is a lie. It’s a lie that you tell to yourself to make yourself feel better about your law firm not really changing year on year.

If you are using it, realise this. It is important.

It tells me that you are happy where you are. Well, maybe not happy, but comfortable. You have enough work but could do with more. The truth is you don’t have enough pain driving you to change your current position. A lot of law firm owners; a lot of business owners, are in this very position.

You see, to drive change, there has to be a real heartfelt desire to make it happen. Often, there needs to be a real pain that growing your law firm and your income will get you away from.

However, you don’t have to wait for the real pain to arrive. You can change and grow your law firm well in advance of this time, with a tiny little bit of work and some consistent action.

Whilst most solicitors feel it is a great big wedge of time that they need to grow their law firm, the truth is usually very different.

I often meet solicitors in my offices on a Steady Stream of New Clients Meeting who say that they haven’t really got going with their marketing because they know it will take a lot of time and effort and they simply haven’t had the time.

I see their eyes light up when I tell them that it is not more time that they need. The system that I advocateSteer your law firm ship; don’t stoke the fires to all of my clients is that whilst they have to steer the ship, it is everyone else that has to man the engine room, ensure it is clean and keep the crew fed.

As the law firm owner you just have to know what needs to be done, get other people to do it and then every month just check your numbers to ensure that they are going to churn out the numbers that you want for your law firm.

I provide guidance on numbers in my other articles.  Most solicitors choose the wrong numbers to check, so it might not be the advice that you are expecting, but it is very important.

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