Video Marketing

Video Marketing For Solicitors

Video has huge potential to put you in front of new clients and convert more of your existing enquiries into new instructions. Video is a huge opportunity for your practice: are you making the most of it now?

There are so many reasons that you absolutely must be using video to market your law firm now that I thought the easiest way to explain them was to list them.

Specific Reasons Solicitors Must Use Videos

  • It makes you more accessible to your clients and prospects
  • It allows you to prove your expertise in your subject area
  • Your competitors have not yet started using video
  • Google bought YouTube (if nothing else this should really explain the power of video)?

I use video extensively and it is incredibly important in all of my marketing:

Would You Like Three Videos For A Fixed Fee?

I have a studio in my offices which is fully equipped and raring to go. Knowing the power of video for solicitors I have decided to open this up for solicitors for just one day each month.

On this one day I have a very limited number of slots for you to come in, record two or three short videos which my team will then edit and produce so that they are ready to be uploaded to YouTube and added to your website.

Video production companies generally charge at least £750 for only one two minute video, however, I am keeping the costs lower as I know how important video marketing should be to your practice. Interested in finding out more?

Request More Information Now

Simply complete your details below to be sent full details of video production service along with the forthcoming limited availability (remember this is only one day a month and a limited number of slots, so it really is first come first served).

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

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