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Spend just 15 – 20 minutes on the telephone with me and by the end of our time together you will:

  • Have a crystal clear vision of how to generate all of the clients that you want and need right now;.
  • Know how to remove the hidden barriers which are stopping you from attracting clients to you at the moment;
  • Have a clear marketing action plan to follow to allow you to start attracting more clients quickly and on autopilot;
  • Leave the session re-energised, inspired and ready to take action and get the results that you want and need.

Simply choose a time below and I will be in touch with you soon. Thank you.

“The call was very helpful. Nick provided succinct and directed advice that I have already started to implement. it was definitely a very productive use of 30 minutes.”

Deborah Baxter, Baxter Harries Solicitors

“Although my firm is very small and specialised and cannot take on many clients, Nick’s advice was very useful. As with all good advice, Nick’s advice is clear, practical and do-able and seems the obvious way to go with 20/20 hindsight.”

Iain Fergusson

“The initial call with Nick was informative, throughout provoking and helpful. Nick has a businesslike but pleasant manner, and is someone you would want to work with. The discussion reminded me how much I don’t know, which is often salutary for solicitors. “


“The call was very helpful and we managed in – what I would have initially thought – a small amount of time to comprehensively and satisfactory cover all the topics I was interested in. “


“I found the call really helpful and it was a good use of my time. Thank you”

Yetunde Akande

“It was a very valuable use of my time- many thanks I wish Nick would give me an hour every month! His insight is great. We could do with him on my Team. I have already taken steps to change items we discussed!”

Geoff Simons

“The call was extremely helpful. The information provided on the website content was really informative and a valuable use of time indeed.”

Nancy Hibbert, Garner Hancock Solicitors

“The call was very helpful with clear and direct instructions and done in a friendly manor. “

Bo Gordon, Wainwright & Cummins LLP

“Nick is an active listener and knowledgeable analyst.”

Taff Kara

“I really liked Nick’s no nonsense, practical and sensible advice, certainly helpful and a valuable use of my time.

Nick understands the difficulties we face as lawyers, I would like to take this further and grow my practice.”

Amanda Lipman. Solicitor

“My call with Nick was both helpful and a valuable use of my time.”

Paul Donnachie

“Nick was succint, clear and authoritative and keen to help.”

Tom Holland

“I felt that Nick was very helpful and explained everything in simple terms.”

Simon Jenkins, Curtis Legal Solicitors

“Useful and good use of my time.”

Mahesh Bhundia Solicitor

“The call was helpful and gave me a lot of useful ideas and realised a lot of areas where we were falling short on our website.”

Michael Large, Solicitor

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