Employment Law Referrals For Solicitors

In my aim to help all of the firms I work with and all solicitors looking to grow their practices, I list here businesses that contact me looking for solicitors to refer new clients to. If you are an employment law solicitor, you are going to like this scheme very much! Read on to find out how you can generate more employment law referrals.

Employment Law Referrals Scheme

This is an employment law referrals scheme with a difference. Not only will you receive employment leads with this scheme, either for employee or employer matters, but you will also gain ownership of a valuable asset that continues to generate new employment law referrals for you for years and years to come. This scheme is unique on the market and uses all of my marketing skills (including website marketing skills) to generate new employment law leads for your firm. You will receive all of the leads generated from a website that is designed exclusively for your firm (completely separate from your own firm’s website). In addition to designing and writing all of the content for you, we will then continue to add content on a monthly basis to ensure that your website moves higher up the Google search engines. We will also commence a Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign to generate leads for you almost instantly.

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Chris Thomas

As usual with Nick he was super informative and helpful and gave me some very good tips for me to go forward with. He exudes positivity and makes dealing with him a pleasure. Also gave me a steer in helping two other contacts I have who may be able to use his services

Claire Johnson

Nick is a fountain of knowledge, tried and tested personally. He has that rare gift of not making you feel daft for asking any question. After our consultation I felt far less like a rabbit in the headlights and far more empowered to climb the marketing mountain successfully.

Tim Weir

Having implemented a raft of improvements to our website and marketing campaigns suggested in Nick’s excellent books, I decided to contact the man himself for a one-to-one discussion.

The thirty minutes spent with Nick on that video call provided me with more business improvement tools than I could’ve hoped for. Nick even took the time to give me some insights on client conversion particular to our area of practice.

Online reviews are often brimming with trite phrases and hyperbole, but I cannot find any other way of saying that my only regret is that I didn’t contact Samson Consulting sooner.

Emerson Scotland

Brilliant, insightful and a great discussion. Nick certainly knows his stuff and makes you feel at ease.

Mark Shepherd

I have worked with Nick for many years. He is an excellent consultant and helps law firms and businesses attract the clients they are looking for. Highly recommend.