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Why? Why is a brand important? Why do you need one? What will it achieve?

Your brand tells the world about you. It says whether you are a modern forward thinking practice,
or a more traditional law firm. It says whether your main message is that you provide a caring
service for your clients, or that you concentrate on getting the job done as quickly as possible to save
your clients from any stress. But most of all, it must tell the truth. Much like having a website that
screams “dynamic forward thinking firm” when you are a high street practice with traditional roots, if
the brand and your service don’t match up, it will lose you clients.

You may find this hard to believe, but before your clients even see you, the logo on your outside signage or on the letter confirming the appointment, tells your new clients what they can expect when they come to see you. It is that important. And if it does not match or just simply does not work, it will effect how the client feels in dealing with your firm.

Your legal logo is a powerful marketing tool

Every time your logo appears it communicates your service and differentiates your from your competitors legal services. Whether your logo only appears on your stationery, or in advertisements in the Yellow Pages or local rag, it builds client recognition and loyalty that in time will create a bottom line value all of its own. It becomes a brand. A brand is the visual identity of your legal practice. It speaks to your clients and tells them all about you. So spend some time on it, it is hugely important.


You should put the best graphic designers to work on your logo, but only after providing them with a detailed marketing brief so that they understand why your firm is different. Differentiation is vital when it comes to marketing law firms. Your brand is the starting point.

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