High Street Solicitors v The New Legal Brands

Will you do whatever it takes to be the best solicitor that you can be for your clients? Will you go out of your way to provide them with the best service that you are able to provide for them?

Yes? I thought so.

You see, if you do this, or you will do this, then your future is assured.

There are so many new brands entering the legal services market, with different offerings of ultimately the same service, yet one thing still holds true with the provision of a legal service.

If you will do whatever it takes to provide your clients with the best possible service, I can guarantee that you will always have a profitable law firm, well that is if you remember to tell people where you are and what you do (that’s marketing by the way).

So much has changed over the years, from the internet changing the face of the High Street, not just for solicitors but for most types of business, to LASPO and conveyancing panels being trimmed down, yet when it all comes down to it, a great service always wins.

So if you provide a great service but do not at the moment have enough clients for your liking, you must realise that you can swiftly change that position. Do you?

“After working with Nick for just 90 days on the Steady Stream Of New Clients Programme I had to stop. Whereas when I started working with Nick our numbers were down across all of our departments, in just 90 days everyone was at full capacity. I needed a break to ensure that we could provide a quality service to all of our new clients. Rest assured though, I will be back very soon!”

Mr A, Solicitor.

We are all old enough and wise enough to know that there is no magic wand in business, but there are definitely a lot of shortcuts. These are the ones I share with my clients; the ones I know that can get them from where they are now to where they would like to be in as fast a time as possible.

In Mr A’s case, he was keen to move quickly, so he followed all of my advice and implemented the automated marketing practices I recommended very quickly. He then needed a breather to ensure that the quality of service was maintained. I gain an enormous amount of satisfaction in working with action takers like Mr A.

Win, win relationships are always my favourite, because, just like you, I will do whatever it takes to ensure that my clients are happy with my service.

If you would like to find out more about the 90 Day Steady Stream Of New Clients Programme, the same one Mr A above used, let’s have a talk and see if it is suitable for you.

Click here to read more about my Legal Marketing Services.

If this is not what you are looking for right now, there are so many other ways that I can help you to make your practice even more successful.

A Legal Marketing Plan That Works Along With All Of The Tools Required To Put It In Place

If you do not know where to start, but have time, interest and the motivation to discover exactly what it is that you should be doing to attract more clients, you really should try Marketing4Solicitors.

This service has been running since 2011 now, I am delighted to say with many of the original members still members of the service to this day. I don’t have a better endorsement for the service for you than that. They would not continue to remain members if they did not think that the service provided value for money for them at only £50 a month.

Once again, you can take a risk free trial here: //www.marketing4solicitors.co.uk.

Need A New Website?

If the new High Street for a law firm is now your website, how is your window display looking?

A website should generate new leads for you each and every month. It should be simple to update and it should not tie you in to some long term contract and the website developers bespoke Content Management System as so many of them seem to do. This simply makes you entirely dependent on your website company; not a great position for you to be in.

Our websites use WordPress, for which there are thousands of developers in the UK who can make any changes for you if you do not want us to do so.

I believe in providing a great service and that alone should be the only reason people continue to use it; not just forcing people to stay with me.

Read more about Legal Website Design.

Or just reply to this email if you would like to talk more about Website Design generally.

Got A Website Already, Need More Visitors?

Nearly all of my consultancy clients attract a substantial volume of new clients to their practice from their website. If you are not yet achieving this, it might be the case that not enough solicitors are finding your website.

I can fix this.

I will research, set up and make profitable a website marketing campaign for you, delivering prospects who are looking to buy your services right now to your website.

Discover more about PPC For Law Firms

More Enquiries From Your Website With Nominal Expense

If you already have potential clients finding your website, yet you are just not receiving many enquiries for your service, something is wrong.

You can instantly change this with hardly any effort on your part. You just need managed live chat on your website 24 hours a day (all done for you). If you would like an introduction, simply email me on info@samsonconsulting.co.uk and I will be happy to connect you.

Anything Else

Whatever help you need right now, having formed Samson Consulting in 2003 I am confident that I can help you, so why not ask me?

Ready To Take Action And See Results Now?

Please call 0117 290 8555 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone discussion, Email me or complete a Free Online Enquiry. There is no cost or obligation. We will have a chat about where you are and where you would like to be and I will suggest some things you can do to get there quickly.

Law Firm Marketing

Case Study

One Partner Law Firm Changes Direction

We’ve been working with Nick about 10 years and throughout this time I have always valued his expertise.

When we first made contact with Nick we had been recommended to get in touch with him by another solicitor to “give us a hand with marketing”.

At that time we were focusing on personal injury work, but we had already decided to enter the medical negligence market.

Obviously breaking into a new market takes time and we still needed the income that came from the personal injury work to finance this going forward.

Nick put together a high conversion website which meant we had all the personal injury work that we needed allowing us to build the medical negligence side of things up gradually.

Now we specialise exclusively in medical negligence. Nick has been part of that growth in terms of strategy and the use of Google Adwords to generate good quality leads.

As part of that, he helped us with the entire website build, making it very marketing focused and it has worked extremely well.

As a result our firm has gone from strength to strength, more than doubling fee earing staff and turnover.