I keep being asked this question by solicitors

Google Adwords Marketing For Solicitors

I keep being asked this question by a lot of solicitors, so I thought you might be asking it too.

search engine marketing for solicitors

“Nick, should I be doing Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM) as well as or instead of my Google Adwords advertising.”

The answer is no.

Search engine marketing is dead. If a company is still charging you £1,000 or more for SEM services you are wasting your money.

Google has changed the rules for good when it comes to SEM.

You used to be able to get results.

You can no longer get results.

To make your telephone ring consistently you need a lot of people to visit your website. Google Adwords is the only way to guarantee that a lot of people will go to your website.

You might get a handful of visitors to your website to your long blog entries targeting longer tail keywords, for example, “How long does a conveyancing transaction take”, but for a short keyword such as “conveyancing solicitor” the only way to guarantee results is with Google Adwords.

If you are using Google Adwords your next question should always be this:

“How can I spend more money?”

For why that is the case, I will come back to you next week.

If you are spending money on Adwords and have not yet read this, you really must read my Google Adwords Whitepaper: //www.samsonconsulting.co.uk/free-guides/google-adwords-whitepaper-mailer/

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