If A Financial Planner Can Make Email Marketing Fantastic, Solicitors Can Too

One of the biggest objections I am hearing about starting your email marketing is the ‘impossibility’ of making your emails fun, exciting or even worthy of being read.

I want to stimulate you to take this further, so I have a great example of email marketing for what is easily seen as as ‘dry’ a topic as legal news, but which is made relevant and informative with some personality thrown in.

Phil O’Connor is a chartered financial planner who specialises in financial and pension advice particularly when involved with a divorce. That is really quite a small niche, is it not?If A Financial Planner Can Make Email Marketing Fantastic, Solicitors Can Too

However, he has used email marketing very effectively to develop a relationship with his solicitors and also his clients.

Here is one of his recent emails which I wanted to show you how sometimes you do not even need to talk about what you do to keep dialogue open with your future clients and referral partners.

Here is the email:

Bemused by my Stepson

It has been car wars again in our house this week and this time Gill and I have lost the battle.
My stepson, Lewis has just purchased a new car on finance after threatening to do it about three times in the last month.

The insurance alone is going to be £1,700 per annum!

He is an apprentice electrician, 19, and invincible!

What surprises me most is that he was able to get the finance in the first place but as we all know it is easier to get finance than it is to save into an ISA.

It is a long way away from my first car purchase – a Toyota Corolla Liftback in gold that cost £400.
Yes, it was a dreadful as it sounds but it was mine; i.e. all mine.

And before I owned it, I borrowed my dad’s car, which wasn’t the same thing, freedom wise.

Lewis has a car already fully paid for by us; a lovely Ford Fiesta, but it would seem currently that the right car/ watch/ trainers is all that matters.

Of course, the thing he doesn’t understand is that we subsidise his life.

Yes, he pays rent to us, but it isn’t close to a market rate and Gill makes him his lunch every day so frankly, he gets this money back and then some.

Having spent most of my adult life building up savings, paying down debt, investing etc I struggle to understand why he would be in such a rush to get into debt especially when he has all he needs already.

Of course, I understand I am not 19 and when I was, I was at university a million years ago with different aims and goals and in fairness I did get into debt funding my lifestyle.

Hopefully this won’t end up being a painful lesson for him and on one level I do admire his determination, but I cannot wait for him to start looking at some big goals – first business, house, wedding etc – and realising that something must give.

There is an upside. Less disposable income will mean he’ll go out less, surely?

But despite the upside, I must admit this week I am bemused.
Any advice most welcome!


I think you will agree that the content is engaging but whilst there are references to finances it isn’t about what he does. Some weeks his emails are far more focused on his profession, of course, but the point I wanted to make is that your email communications don’t always have to be the legal service that you provide. Sharing a bit of your personal story helps greatly to build a relationship with your email audience.

If you would like some more inspiration from Phil (or if you need a really good financial planner to help your clients on divorce) you can sign up to receive his weekly emails here: https://og113-c6039b.pages.infusionsoft.net/ (you will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe in every email you receive from him, as you should be to be GDPR compliant).

There is still time to get set up before we move on to cover GDPR, growing your email list, how to write the content and everything else you need to know to make email marketing successful. Here is Step 1:

Step 1.

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