Ignore The ‘Stuff’ For Your Law Firm Success

Ignore The Stuff For Your Law Firm Success

In every business and in every aspect of your personal life there will always be ‘stuff’. In business the ‘stuff’ can be staffing problems from people failing to keep time properly or taking regular Monday sickness leave. It can be certain clients demanding more of your time than you are able to give, or your business partner not performing as you would like them to leaving you to do the lion’s share of the work or management.

In your personal life you may have friends that are having relationship problems or parents needing more of your time. All of these matters are important and will of course play on your mind. The challenge is to accept that there will always be ‘stuff’ in both your business and personal life, but that you need to manage its impact on your time if you really want to take your business to the next level.

I want to see you grow your business and your profits and I hope that my advice along the way plays a part in that. I know that you will always have other matters taking up your time and preventing you from moving your business forward as quickly as you would like. You may think that next month will be better or next year, that the ‘stuff’ will have calmed down by then. The truth of the matter is that it may well die down by then, but it will be replaced with new ‘stuff’, that is for sure.

To really make a difference you must start taking consistent action to grow your business, even if this action is only small steps.

Remember my mantra, ‘Perfection Kills Momentum’. Take some action to grow your business every day and every month and I guarantee you will start to see dramatic improvements in your profits. Keep allowing the ‘stuff’ to drain your energy and use up your valuable time and you will more likely than not be in the same position next year.

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