The Law Firm Marketing Roller Coaster

The Law Firm Marketing Roller Coaster is a horrible vehicle to ride, are you on it or have you been on it?

Here it is in all of its gory glory:

The Law Firm Marketing Roller Coaster

What do each of the stages mean and why do they happen? Let’s look at the more to understand the process, then look at how you can get away from it once and for all.

Stage 1: You have no clients. You start frantically looking for clients. You contact old clients, referrers and start advertising anywhere that you can think of to make your telephone ring. You work tirelessly to achieve some new clients instructions.

Stage 2: Eventually your endeavours pay off (although you are not sure what worked exactly). You have more work than you can handle, for now at least. You ease back on the marketing so that you can concentrate on the work.

Stage 3: Your instructions start to reduce, you are coming down the other side of the marketing roller coaster hill and it doesn’t feel good. You are sure it will pick up soon though, but it doesn’t, so you career towards stage 4.

Stage 4: You are back where you started, so you do what you did at the start and start frantically marketing.

Stage 5-7: Exactly the same thing happens again over the next few months. You become too busy again due to your frantic marketing activity, so you stop marketing and start descending the marketing roller coaster. When you reach the bottom, you start marketing again, then stop again when you reach the bottom of the roller coaster. You are tired, bored and frustrated at your lack of progress. Einstein reminds you of his saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, so you decide that there has to be a better way. There is; The Law Firm Growth Formula, and you commit to applying it to your law firm.

Stage 8: With a strong commitment to break your current path of feast and famine, you implement The Law Firm Growth Formula one step at a time until you start to see a consistent rise and rise to success. Your volume of instructions simply keeps to rise. You are not coming down the other side of this marketing roller coaster because you are now following a proven formula.

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